Afrimech Machinery and Spares Ltd. is the official distributor of Donaldson filtration Solutions

Our staff is trained at the Donaldson European head office in Belgium and is able to advice on all your filtration queries. We can supply all filters for your equipment and trucks directly from our stock in Uganda or directly from the Donaldson warehouse in Belgium.

Donaldson understands your business and knows how important it is to keep your equipment running, even in the harshest conditions, because downtime means lost revenue. With 100 years of expertise you choose a global leader and OEM filtration supplier that is set to keep you moving. As inventors of filtration, Donaldson offers extended product warranty for filters that meet or exceed original specifications and ensures superior performance and maximum uptime.

Donaldson. Keep moving.

Why Choose Donaldson?


Over 100 years ago, Donaldson invented the first air filter for a heavy duty engine. Now, over 100 years later, Donaldson is the number one "First-fit" choice of equipment manufacturers. The same technology and care you will find back in all Donaldson branded products!


Donaldson offer world-class quality filters for all your equipment, at a very competitive price. We offer a product that is at least as good as the OEM filter, but for a price that is hard to beat!


Donaldson offers a comprehensive warranty on all of their products. Also the manufacturers warranty on your equipment will remain valid when using the Donaldson® filters!


Afrimech Machinery and Spares Ltd. has most filters for your equipment in stock! If not available, we are able to supply the filters directly from the European Donaldson warehouse based in Belgium. Depending on the required quantities and urgency, we can offer you shipment solutions by air or sea.

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